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Dr. Ennis has been providing expert testimony on behalf of legal professionals for over 20 years. He is a natural speaker who is articulate, accurate and authentic.

Dr. Ennis is very experienced in presenting ethical, evidence-based testimony and can substantiate all aspects of a personal injury case. He understands the importance of providing candid, straightforward testimony and expertise in the courtroom and provides the results desired by legal professionals province wide.
He conducts medical legal assessments and treatment assessments.  Dr. Ennis is an active treatment provider working with his multidisciplinary pain management team in treating patients of all ages across the province.

The typical turn around time from assessment to document in hand is three weeks.

View samples of Dr. Ennis’ medical-legal reports.  They cover a number of different clinical circumstances including assessment for treatment, medical legal report and catastrophic assessment.  Please contact us for any additional information you require


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2. Dr. Ennis – CAT IME

3. Med_Eval_M-L-Non-Traumatic_Case

4. Psych_Assess_M-L-Trauma


MIG and non-MIG Assessments

If a patient is identified as having a minor injury by their insurance provider, access to funding is limited to $3,500 and the financial basis for any medical legal undertaking is often considered negligible. The early assessment of such patients, focusing on whether or not a patient’s condition meets the criteria for being ‘non-MIG,’ helps to identify cases that could benefit from medical-legal input. Without such assessment, these cases could be lost and the patients could suffer.

Our assessments are focused, limited in cost and completed quickly. The assessments are conducted by Dr. Ennis, a clinician whose credentials meet the legal definition of ‘expert’ in pain and disability management. To date, Dr. Ennis has helped to overturn a significant number of MIG designated patients to non-MIG status.

If you are interested in booking an appointment for your client for a MIG or non-MIG assessment, please contact Ms. Susan Carreau, our office manager, at 905 627 7300 or you can fax the information to 905 627 4757.

“In 2001, as part of my treatment, Dr. Ennis suggested that I enroll in his Chronic Pain Management Program. I did. The program turned my life around, and even though the chronic pain continues, I can manage it, and life is reasonably pleasant. I have mentioned a date (above) to point out that success can be ongoing. Procedures learned in class have longevity.” – C. Gray