Find the right treatment the first time and save money.

The Ennis Centre for Pain Management (ECPM) works with a multitude of insurance providers that seek exceptional results, from both a patient and a claim perspective. The objective is to teach patients effective coping strategies alowing them to cope better and maximize function as soon as possible.

The centre offers a variety of care options that ensures cost-effective savings by finding the right treatment the first time. With proper diagnosis, insurance providers save time and money by only having to look to one centre to find the right treatment best suited for the patient.

Dr. Ennis engages in open dialogue with insurance providers to address their concerns and issues regarding the process and outcomes. He understands that finding the right treatment the first time is essential to achieving the earliest results.

The ECPM offers a chronic pain program that consists of multi-component interventions aimed at improving a patient’s self-management of their chronic pain.

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“Dr. Ennis has literally enabled me to reclaim my life. He is an amazing physician, who has taken his personal challenge with pain and turned it into a commitment to helping others. He is a gifted healer and I am extremely grateful to him.”