We listen.

The broad goal of our program is to improve a person’s quality of life.

We teach skills and knowledge to equip patients to manage their pain, which ultimately leads to improved function and greater independence in living their lives.

The centre’s patients have described themselves as being in constant and debilitating pain. Some say they are exhausted, often depressed, and frequently feel their situation will never get any better. In essence, they feel hopeless and alone.

Dr. Ennis not only knows about chronic pain from his training in medicine, he also lives it every day of his life. To read Dr. Ennis’s story, please click here.

The ECPM offers a multidisciplinary and supportive approach to helping patients cope with their chronic pain.

The centre deals with a multitude of non-cancer chronic pain conditions, including trauma related to motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and work related injuries and pain from disease.

If you are interested in receiving treatment from the ECPM, please ask your medical professional for a referral.

“Dr. Ennis has literally enabled me to reclaim my life. He is an amazing physician, who has taken his personal challenge with pain and turned it into a commitment to helping others. He is a gifted healer and I am extremely grateful to him.”