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The Ennis Centre
for Pain Management

1 Young St, Suite 710
Hamilton ON L8N 1T8

Tel: 905-627-7300
Fax: 905-627-4757

The Ennis Endowment Fund at McMaster University (Fund Number R4170A)

This is a special fund set up by Dr. and Mrs. Ennis.  This has been done in co-operation with McMaster University Medical Centre.  The purpose of this fund is to provide funding to residents in medicine who have an interest in learning more about Chronic Pain Management.  It is to help develop the next Dr. Ennis.  There are two ways that you can give to the fund.

Give Directly to the Fund.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt and Dr. and Mrs. Ennis will match every dollar you give to the fund, dollar for dollar.

Ennis Endowment Fund at McMaster University

The second way is to purchase a print of one of Dr. Ennis’ paintings.  Dr. Ennis is an accomplished artist.   His works have been shown in festivals and art shows.  On this website you can select a print, either digital or giclee and purchase the painting.  These funds (after printing costs) go directly to the endowment fund.  You will be given a receipt for any purchase but you will not be given a tax receipt given that you received something in kind.  Visit the website.  You will enjoy the tour.

Ennis Endowment Fund-Dr. Ennis’ Artwork