Hypnotherapy has been demonstrated to be effective in the management of chronic non cancer pain.   The advantage of hypnotherapy as compared to medications is that there are no side-effects, no risk of addiction and  no ongoing cost associated with this treatment once the technique has been mastered.  However, hypnotherapy is a highly specific skill that must be learned by hands on instruction.  Participants must be willing to work outside of class, practicing new skills until they become proficient.

Participants will learn the basic skills of self -hypnosis.   Dr. Ennis has developed a method of hypnotherapy that is easy to learn. Once they can easily induce a trance, specific skills in pain management will be taught.  Once mastered, pain management with hypnotherapy becomes a highly mobile, effective method of managing pain, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Dr. Ennis, the Clinical Director of the Ennis Centre for Pain Management has been trained in hynotherapy, first with Nolan Bailey, Sr., Ph.D in Washington DC and then with Dr. Sidney Rosen, author of My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton Erikson (1981).  This is a 10-week course, with participants meeting once per week.


Dr. Ennis Teaching Hypnosis:

Dr. Ennis was filmed by the Medical Post putting a patient, Paul into trance.  He used a method that he developed.  The Medical Post made a documentary and filmed the nduction.  Dr. Ennis also wrote an article on hypnosis which was published in the medical post.

Medical Post Article-September 29, 2015

The Documentary on Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Session between Dr. Ennis and ‘Paul’