Group therapy / Group treatment programs

Group therapy is a form of psychosocial treatment. It utilizes the power of the group
milieu to help affect useful change in participants. The group environment is a safe
place where people can work out important personal issues under the guidance of
professional group facilitators. Through group interaction, patients gain insight into
their own thoughts and behaviors. Members gain support and new ideas from others
while offering their own helpful suggestions and support to group members.
The ECPM utilizes a model of treatment called cognitive behavioural therapy.

Cognitive therapy is also utilized in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.  It is for this reason that patients with chronic pain and co-morbid mood and anxiety disorders do well in our group treatment program.

All clinical staff members are highly trained in this method of care. It is a method of
treatment that has been shown to effectively help patients with chronic pain lead
more fulfilling and rewarding lives.